Quality Assurance

The EMLS approach to Quality Assurance applies a highly refined, effective quality program that fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Through years of lessons learned and experience working with numerous Federal, State, and Local governments, including virtually all agencies of the DoD, EMLS developed a Quality Assurance approach that provides effective and efficient means of identifying and preventing issues before they affect performance and provides a mechanism for implementing corrective measures across all organizational and functional areas. These processes encourage and facilitate feedback to identify opportunities for refinement and process improvement.

Our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) defines meaningful and achievable performance measures (i.e., metrics) that we collect and analyze. These metrics are defined for technical performance, cost, and scheduling in our QAP. In addition, we establish performance metrics at the process level to assess actual technical and management performance against established QAP performance measures. Beyond the establishment of metrics, our Quality Assurance approach stresses meaningful communications at all levels of a program to create a more effective partnership with our clients. Through communication with our clients and our team members, we ensure that our process metrics proactively assess and drive behavior to produce the objectives prescribed by the client’s business requirements.