EMLS has extensive experience and expertise in providing support services to the Navy, the Marine Corps, and many other DoD agencies. EMLS provides the Navy and Marine Corps with a robust technical and management capability, hands-on experience with numerous Navy and Marine Corps programs, knowledge and expertise with Navy and Marine Corps systems, highly trained and experienced personnel, expert knowledge of numerous SeaPort scope of work areas, and proven tools and databases. Our recent experience includes significant engineering, analysis, and management support for Navy and Marine Corps programs and organizations. We provide quality services in all seven zones (Zones: 1) Northeast; 2) National Capital; 3) Mid Atlantic; 4) Gulf Coast; 5) Midwest; 6) Southwest; and 7) Northwest). We have the resources and experience to provide support in all functional areas identified.

EMLS has significant experience both on our own, and leading teams to support large-scale services using subcontractors. Our objective on each SeaPort task is to provide and manage personnel and offer an underlying technical support infrastructure that ensures the experience and skills necessary to successfully execute the job at hand in the most cost-effective manner while working hard to support the Navy and Marine Corps socio-economic objectives. Our approach is to review the requirements of each “invitation to bid with the appropriate team members to determine the company or companies that have staff in the necessary locations, with the proper skills, and sufficient level of experience.