Bio-Medical Research & Health Informatics Partnerships

Lux Research, Inclux


"Lux Research, Inc. is a research and advisory company that provides strategic advice and intelligence on emerging technologies. It provides research and reports in the areas of advanced materials, agro innovation, alternative fuels, autonomous systems 2.0, big data, bio-based materials and chemicals, bio electronics, connected objects and platforms, energy electronics, energy storage, exploration and production, food and nutrition, future computing platforms, intelligent buildings, sensors, solar, sustainable building materials, water, and wearable and flexible electronics. The company also provides custom consulting, market data, and methodology services. It serves clients in business, finance, and government. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with additional offices in Boston, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, and Shanghai."


Research areas of Lux Research covers the following (but not limited to) research areas:


  1. Automation of Administrative and Clinical Processes – LR stays on top of developments and trends related to the increased connectivity and the emergence of IOT as a valid technological and business solution for optimizing clinical operations with a goal to streamline resource utilization, improve performance, and cut costs, all while increasing the quality of care.

  2. Biomedical Information Services – LR closely follows innovation in data analytics and IT spaces that are driven by the exponentially increasing reliance on large (and often continuously growing) data sets in areas ranging from precision medicine to population health and beyond

  3. Biosurveillance and Disease Management Support – LR covers monitoring, diagnostic, and therapeutics technologies (and associated business models) that utilize rapid measurements, analytics and results dissemination to facilitate quick response to public health issues.

  4. Telemedicine (e.g., mobile health/mHealth) – LR covers a spectrum of technologies (remote monitoring, store-and-forward telemedicine, interactive services) that allow medical professionals to remotely monitor patients for the purpose of monitoring and diagnosing illnesses and conditions, and to connect with them utilizing a variety of communication channels to provide consultations and ongoing support, with the goal of improving outcomes and reducing costs of health care.

  5. Security of Healthcare and Biomedical Research Systems – LR pays a close attention to the emerging security and privacy issues resulting from the proliferation of digital technologies in health care. From cybersecurity to patient privacy, these issues directly impact successful adoption of new technologies and processes that utilize them.




BioDatomics, Inc.lux


"BioDatomics, Inc. is a Bethesda-based company that provides advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis software and services. The company was recently awarded an SBIR grant from the NIH: "Building an open-source cloud-based computational platform to improve data access." "While NGS funding has traditionally focused on generating new data, there is now an obvious need for NGS users to be able to glean insights from that data more quickly and intuitively. The NIH grant will allow BioDatomics to further expand its open-source toolset, bringing these added capabilities to biologists and bioinformaticians alike," said Alan Taffel, President of BioDatomics.


BioDatomics also provides powerful yet intuitive bioinformatics analysis software and services that improve genomic and biomedical research productivity. The company’s BioDT™ platform, which was built by some of the world’s most experienced computational and molecular biologists, allows researchers and bioinformaticians to more quickly glean insights from their data thanks to an easier-to-use intuitive interface, dramatically reduced analysis turnaround times and real-time collaboration between colleagues. The result is accelerated development of new medical treatments and other breakthroughs. BioDatomics was co-founded by Maxim Mikheev, MD, PhD and local executives Anthony Millin, and Alan Taffel and is headquartered in Bethesda, MD."


Biodatomics covers the following areas in its research efforts:


  1. Health Sciences Informatics and Computational Services

  2. Biomedical Information Services

  3. Biomedical Modeling, Visualization, and Simulation Scientific Computing Services

JEMS Technology lux


JEMS™ Medical Applications


JEMS™ is a revolutionary telemedicine solution that has many applications in health care.


Using a smart device or cell phone, the following is possible from any remote location – a physician can consult a surgery, a neurologist can complete a full stroke evaluation, a family practitioner can practice medicine, an injured/ailing prisoner can be safely diagnosed (without the imminent dangers of transportation, etc…); all done safely and securely from most anywhere in the world – and in full compliance with state and federal regulations.


You can "be there" with JEMS™ - equally important, you will be there with no unwanted visitors. JEMS™ also meets or exceeds regulatory compliances such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), etc.


How It Works
  • Install "plug and play" JEMS™ server system

  • Download free application online from Apple iTunes or Google Play

  • Login and launch a JEMS Consult™


  • Clinical - Enhanced patient care

  • Financial - All healthcare providers are reimbursed

  • Ease of Use - Simple to integrate and operate


  • Works on all networks (3g, 4g, wi-fi)

  • Works on all cellular carriers (ATT, Verizon, Sprint, etc.)

  • Works on Android and Apple IOS devices (Android, Tablet, iPad, iPhone)


What We Do